Sammy Hagar Planning Unplugged Live Project

Sammy Hagar's latest project is an acoustic solo tour. Speaking with the Phoenix Times, Hagar the Horrible said that he's ready to give fans a stripped down version of himself:

"I'm determined to be able to play a whole hour to an hour and a half show by myself with an acoustic guitar."

"I'm working on it really hard, and it calls for a lot of old songs having to be restructured. You can't sing a heavy rock tune with an acoustic guitar the same way you would do it with a band. So, I'm taking the songs that lend themselves to that, and I'm changing keys and tempos and stuff. I'm working really hard on it, because I really want it to be great."

Yet fans may have to wait because Sammy doesn't have any details ironed out: "I don't even have a plan - I just decided in my head that something I want to do is go out and play a real intimate show somewhere."

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