Nikki Sixx Blasts Sebastian Bach For Using Skid Row Name

Nikki Sixx has publically criticized Sebastian Bach for using the moniker 'former Skid Row singer' when referring to himself.

On his Sixx Sense radio show, Sixx referenced Bach using the title for his appearance on an upcoming reality television singing series.

"A new celebrity singing competition is coming to TV, like we haven't had enough," he said. "It's called 'Sing Your F-ing Face Off.' It's actually just called Sing Your Face Off. Five celebrities, including former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach."

Sixx continued, asking when Bach is going to let go of the past.

"When is he gonna let go of 'the former Skid Row?' I mean, at this point, dude, you've been out of Skid Row longer than Skid Row was even alive, like, let it go! OK. He's gonna have to impersonate different musical icons. It should be fascinating. It starts May 31 on ABC. Let me set my DVR to 'Snooze.'"

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