Ace Frehley Criticizes Paul Stanley's Hall Of Fame Induction Speech

Ace Frehley is criticizing former KISS bandmate Paul Stanley for comment he made during the band's Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction speech.

"I really didn't like some of the things Paul Stanley said in his speech, because obviously he's a little aggravated with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," Frehley tells ABC Radio. "I know he wanted to get other members in the group inducted. There was some political stuff going on. Unfortunately we did not perform, even though I was up for it. I try to stay away from politics. I don't think politics and music work. I never did."

The band, who was inducted by Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, did not perform at the induction ceremony. Frehley also praised Morello for lobbying hard to have KISS inducted into the Rock Hall in 2014.

"Tom almost single-handedly is responsible for getting us in this year," he notes.

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