Peter Frampton Luggage Thief Sentenced

A man who was convicted of stealing luggage belonging to Peter Frampton from the Denver International Airport carousel was sentenced last week.

John Allen Papelbon, 52, pleaded guilty to stealing seven items of luggage (several of which belonged to Frampton) from the carousel.

He was given a sixty-day jail sentence, which the presiding judge suspended in order to allow him to work and pay restitution ($8,884) for stealing the luggage.

Frampton quipped of the incident on Twitter after linking to the story reported in the Denver Post: "What time are visiting hours?"

A police search had found other stolen items in Papelbon's home, including ski wear, computer equipment, golf shoes, a Philadelphia Eagles coat, and name-brand bags from Gucci and Polo.

Frampton will be touring with the Doobie Brothers and on his own this summer.

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