Dave Davies Reaches Out To AC/DC's Malcolm Young

Kinks guitarist Dave Davies reached out to AC/DC's Malcolm Young after hearing rumors that the latter's health problems may have been the result of a stroke. Davies himself suffered a stroke in 2004 and has since returned to performing.

"I have no idea exactly what physical state Malcolm Young is in but the public sending out negative vibes about the whole thing is not going to help at all," Davies wrote on Facebook.

"It really does not help by people taking a negative view that his career is over. Part of the healing process is convincing the brain and MIND that it is capable of anything. I wish him well. I was afraid my first shows last year might have been my last but sometimes you have to have blind faith with the support of people around you which I was fortunate to receive. Positive thoughts and encouraging support of others are paramount in the healing process."

Davies wrote the book Heal: a Guide to Meditation, detailing his thoughts on the healing process.

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