Nikki Sixx Blasts Godsmack For Reportedly Requesting To Appear On His Radio Show

Nikki Sixx says that Godsmack are not welcome on his radio show, Sixx Sense. The Motley Crue bassist hit Twitter to announce that the group is not welcome on his program:

"So @godsmack begged to be on @Sixxsense to promote their sh*t new album. Good luck touring phonebooths. Whos crying like a b*tch now?"

In 2009, Godsmack were part of Crue's Crue Fest trek, and fronter Sully Erna publically complained about the treatment his band was getting. It is rumored that the song "Cryin Like a B*tch" was written about Sixx.

"Strut on by like a king / Telling everybody they know nothing / Long lived what you thought you were / Time ain't on your side anymore," Erna sings on the track.

In an interview, Erna refused to confirm or deny whether the track was written with Sixx in mind - in any case, Sixx has clearly made up his mind about Godsmack.

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