Jeff Beck Blasts His Tour With Brian Wilson

Jeff Beck has opened up about his time on the road with Brian Wilson, saying that the tour was "a bit of a nightmare." Speaking with Classic Rock, Beck said that he had "had fallen in love with the idea of playing with Brian Wilson," but the pair failed to ever build a friendship on the road.

Beck revealed that Wilson remains extremely reclusive and notes "he doesn't speak. He's clearly in need of attention. But that's just my opinion."

He added: "For four days I sat there and didn't even know Brian was in the room. He was so quiet, he never uttered a syllable. And yet they gave me these parts that allegedly he'd written. Then we were offered some shows together: 'Jeff, this is gonna be the tour of the year!' They should've got the bloody record done first, but they got excited and we ended up doing the Jeff Beck-Brian Wilson tour prematurely."

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