Paul Stanley Q&A Surfaces Online

KISS guitarist Paul Stanley recently sat down to talk about he and Gene Simmons' acquisition of the Arena Football League's L.A. Kiss football team. Speaking with Crave Online, Stanley said that the pairing of his band and the AFL is more natural than it might appear.

"The idea of L.A. KISS football to have a team, that is, really, in the process of breaking all the rules which is what KISS is all about," he began.

"The AFL is the black sheep of football and the L.A. KISS are the black sheep of the black sheep. We are trying to up the game and raise the bar so people get more for their money . . . There's no reason when you go to a sporting event you have to mortgage your house, sell your car, or can't take your kids cause its too expensive. We want this to be family entertainment."

Stanley's memoir, Face the Music: a Life Exposed, hit booksellers last month.

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