Black Crowes' Rich Robinson Premieres New Song

Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes has released "In Comes the Night," the lead single from his upcoming third studio album, The Ceaseless Light. The is available via YouTube now.

Speaking with Billboard, Robinson explained that the recording sessions for the album were stress free:

"A lot of the songs it was like, 'Oh, I need kind of a rock song' or an uptempo song or this or that and I had a part or two and just needed to finish it. It was a pretty free way of making a record. I really enjoyed it."

The lead single, he added, is about his own struggle with insomnia: "It's more about staying up and thinking and just laying there, almost in the twilight and what that might mean," he says. "It could be a good thing or a bad thing -- like, 'In comes the night, what's the night gonna be this time?'"

The Ceaseless Light hits June 3.

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