Intimate Photographs Of Beatles Go On Display In New London Exhibition

A new Beatles photo exhibit featuring candid shots of the Fab Four opens this week in London.

"The Beatles: Inside Out" commemorates the 50th anniversary of photographer Robert Whitaker's first session with the group and their first hysteria-inducing US tour.

According to the Independent, Whitaker first met Beatles' manager Brian Epstein during the band's Australia tour and turned down the job offer when first asked. Shortly after attending a gig, he changed his mind and became their official photographer and friend. Whitaker's photographs depicted the band from all angles until the close of their last world tour in 1966.

After his time with the Beatles, Whitaker spent time photographing Salvador Dali and later the Vietnam and Indo-Pakistani wars.

"The Beatles: Inside Out" opens May 8 at London's Proud Chelsea.

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