Allman Brothers Band Hopes To Play Six More Beacon Theater Shows

After missing four shows during the band's recent Beacon Theater residency, Gregg Allman says that the Allman Brothers Band plan on returning to the venue in October for six shows. The group missed the original gigs after Gregg came down with bronchitis.

"[W]e're adding two [additional shows]," he told

"[I] t will be a Friday and a Saturday, a Tuesday and a Wednesday, and another Friday and another Saturday. So it will be two weekends, and two shows in the middle."

Allman added that he's feeling better now and on something of a health kick:

"I feel perfect. I just need to start putting much more thought to my health. As in, 24-7. And so I'm doing that. I've done juicing, I've gone to health food, I've gone vegan, and it's not easy, man, to find enough to eat. I don't know what your diet is."

Dates and times for the recently added shows are pending.

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