Judas Priest Reveals Redeemer Of Souls Track List

Judas Priest has released the track list for the band's upcoming album, Redeemer of Souls, due July 15. Currently, the band is streaming the title track and lead single at YouTube.

The 13-track disc is available through Epic/Columbia and comes in a deluxe edition featuring five additional cuts. "We feel Redeemer of Souls reinforces our passion for what we believe in from the Judas Priest style heavy metal," the band said in a statement.

Fans can expect a "classic combination of all the statements we love to create with raging guitar riffs and solos, thundering drums, thick grooves of bass and vocals tearing it all up!" they added.

Redeemer of Souls track list:

"Dragonaut" "Redeemer of Souls" "Halls of Valhalla" "Sword of Damocles" "March of the Damned" "Down in Flames" "Hell & Back" "Cold Blooded" "Metalizer" "Crossfire" "Secrets of the Dead" "Battle Cry" "Beginning of the End"

Bonus Tracks:

"Snakebite" "Tears of Blood" "Creatures" "Bring It On" "Never Forget"

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