Members Of Blondie And The Cars Form New Band The Empty Hearts

Members of Blondie, the Cars, the Romantics and the Chesterfield Kings have announced a new collaboration the Empty Hearts. The group includes Clem Burke, who is the drummer for Blondie, Elliot Easton of the Cars, Wally Palmar of the Romantics and Kings bassist Andy Babiuk.

"[R]emember when we were kids and more inspired by the Stones, the Beatles and the Kinks?," said Babiuk of the collab.

"That vibe when you just have fun? Wouldn't it be fun again? That was the promise and it's still the cardinal rule of the band."

The group will release their self-titled record on August 5 via Savoy Label Group's 429 Records. The Hearts' first single, "I Don't Want Your Love (If You Won't See Me)," is available via SoundCloud now.

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