Paul McCartney Hints At Ringo Starr Joining Him On Stage

Paul McCartney has said that he may be joined by fellow Beatle Ringo Starr for his performance at L.A.'s Dodger Stadium on August 10.

Macca hinted at the news during KROQ's Kevin and the Bean show after the hosts asked whether fans might expect any collabs during the gig.

"It depends who's in town, who fancies showing up," McCartney said. "But you're right, that's one of the great things about L.A. is that nowadays I have millions of people I know out there, not least of all Ringo. So, who knows, we might find a couple of them creeping up on stage unbeknownst to me."

The Beatles played their second to last live gig at Dodger Stadium on August 28, 1966.

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