Dire Straits' Alan Clark Speaks On His New Project

Former Dire Straits keyboardist Alan Clark says he's put together a new band called the Straits featuring former Dire Straits sax player Chris White.

Along with guitarist/vocalist Terence Reis, singer Jamie Squire, bassist Mickey Feat and guitarist Adam Philips, the pair are hoping to keep the music of Dire Straits alive.

Clark told Ultimate Classic Rock that the band is looking to release an EP:

"Maybe four or six tracks or something like that. But then again, who knows? As time goes on, you know, we don't feel any pressure to do this. That said, I'd like to get something done this year, that's for sure. We're underway. The songs are being written and they're finally being recorded."

Clark also noted that Mark Knopfler is not involved with the Straits but "knows his music is in excellent hands with me and this bunch of musicians."

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