Bruce Springsteen Online Museum To Launch In June

A Bruce Springsteen virtual museum is set to launch on June 4. will host a collection of 300 Boss related items, including records, handwritten lyrics, Springsteen's first grade report card, passport and other assorted memorabilia.

The site's administrators already have teased several items on their Facebook page, including a photo of Bruce's first single released in the mid 1960s with his first band The Castiles.

"The 2 songs were actually written in the car on the way to the recording studio which was located in a local shopping mall. Only 4 copies are known to have survived, 2 of which are owned by the boss and his mom," reads the item's description.

The museum's founder, Michael Crane, hopes to drive internet traffic to the museum by hosting a bi-annual contest in which participants can win a variety of rare prizes.

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