Gregg Allman Drops Lawsuit Against Biopic

Gregg Allman has dropped his lawsuit against the producer of his biopic, Midnight Rider.

Allman had filed the suit against biopic director Randall Miller after a person was killed making the movie. The suit was originally filed after Allman reached out to Miller to stop production of the film.

"We have come together and reasoned with one another," Allman's attorney, David Long-Daniels, told a judge in Savannah, Ga.

Both Long-Daniels and Miller's attorney declined to comment further on the case.

Lawyers for Allman and movie company Unclaimed Freight Productions reached an out-of-court agreement after Allman's attorney questioned Miller about the accident, which injured six crew members and killed 27-year-old camera assistant Sarah Jones.

Attorneys for both sides refused to discuss details of the agreement, so it remains unclear if 'Midnight Rider' will continue filming.

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