Carlos Santana Promised To 'Take The War Paint Off' When Meeting The President

Late last year Carlos Santana met President Barack Obama while receiving the Kennedy Center Honor, and he now says that he promised to stay on his best behavior for the meeting.

Speaking with Rolling Stone he remarked that he "would take the war paint off."

"I made a promise to everyone around me that I would behave myself and that I would take the war paint off," he began.

"That's because I did some concerts with the Black Panthers and so there's a part of me that wants to question certain things with a lot of confidence. He's the president because he promised, the first and second time he ran, that he would stop the war. He promised to spend more money on education than incarceration, which he has yet to do."

He added that he did have a message for the prez and his wife when he met them:

"I said to them, 'It felt so good when everyone got up when they played my music. You know why that happens? That's because we play black music for white people.' They were like, 'Oh Lord, I hope we aren't on TV.' But it does need to be said."

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