Elton John Featured In New Fall Out Boy Video

The final installment in Fall Out Boy's Young Blood Chronicles video series features Elton John in the role of God. Elton meets the band in a white room after they have ascended to heaven.

FOB are given guitar picks to symbolize the Eucharist, before John enters the room via a gilded staircase.

He then hands each member their respective instruments before they perform, with John taking his usual place behind a white grand piano. Courtney Love also picks up a guitar and strums a few chords.

But, John and Fall Out Boy eventually become covered in blood as a Satanic figure breaks up the performance, slaughtering onlookers. The devil was played by Tommy Lee.

"Elton John was God. Tommy Lee was the devil," Pete Wentz said of the series. "Tell me rock and roll wasn't saved."

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