Jon Bon Jovi's Wife Rushed To Hospital

Dorthea Hurley, the wife of Jon Bon Jovi, was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, May 31 after cutting her hand while slicing an onion. The sharp blade caught her on the palm, prompting Jon to dial 911.

Paramedics brought Dorthea to NYC's Beth Israel Medical Center with a wound that was "bleeding heavily," sources told the New York Daily News.

Jovi later issued a statement thanking "the EMTs and the doctors at Beth Israel that were terrific, as they normally are."

"She's fine . . . they're out having dinner right now," added Jovi's rep Ken Sunshine. "It was just a freak kitchen accident."

Jon and Dorthea celebrated their 25th wedding anny at the end of April. They were married in Las Vegas in 1988.

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