Ace Frehley Sets Things Straight In 'Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction?'

Ace Frehley is setting the record straight in a new online video entitled "Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction," in which the former KISS guitarist tackles false or misleading information on his Wikipedia page.

Ace talks about his real name, how he came to get the nickname Ace, his time in a youth street gang called The Duckies, and whether or not Blackie Lawless was a fellow gang member.

He also talks about whether or not he received a pipe and a box of condoms for his 13th birthday, being expelled from a number of high schools, how he joined Wicked Lester and then came up with the idea for KISS.

In addition, Frehley discusses the time in Paris when he had an allergic reaction to his face paint and almost went blind, and a time when he was electrocuted onstage and lost feeling in one of his hands.

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