Ozzy Osbourne Says 'I Should Be Dead'

When looking back on his life, Ozzy Osbourne shares the same opinion as many others - there's no way he should be alive.

Ozzy said that he doesn't really know how he is still living, telling UK's Daily Mail that many of his old running mates are dead and that 'there's no reason' he is still on this Earth.

"I should be dead. I don't know why I'm not," Ozzy said. "Most of the people I used to get off my head with are dead. I've fallen down stairs, over stairs, over balconies. I once jumped out of a hotel window thinking it was the ground floor, but I was two floors up. I landed in a rosebush. I didn't even get a scratch. I didn't think I'd see 40 let alone 60. There's no reason on earth I should still be alive."

"Someone must be looking after me. I've even had doctors check out my blood cells to find out why the hell I haven't managed to kill myself and whether I've got some special DNA. They came back with pages of reports.but none of it said DEAD."

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