KISS' Ace Frehley Talks About Recording 'Hotter Than Hell' And 'Dynasty'

Former KISS member Ace Frehley recently spoke with Ultimate Classic Rock about recording some of the band's well-known albums.

In the interview Frehley talks about the changes he would've made to Hotter Than Hell and what it was like during the recording sessions for Dynasty.

"I was insecure about my singing voice," says Frehley. "I mean, when I recorded my first lead vocal, I recorded it singing on my back - with the lights down in the studio, [with] Eddie Kramer kind of directing everything through the glass in the control room. I remember my first lead vocal, when I sang 'Shock Me' live at Madison Square Garden, after that it was like, 'OK, I'll sing more now.' Next thing you know, I'm leaving the band, and I've got a solo project happening."

Frehley recently released the advance single "Gimme a Feelin'" from his forthcoming Space Invader LP.

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