Don Felder Says 'Hotel California' Solo Almost Didn't Happen

Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder has opened up about the recording of "Hotel California," explaining to Rock Cellar that he and Don Henley had different ideas about how the guitar solos would be done:

"I started and played a lick and Don Henley went 'stop, that's not right.' And I said 'what do you mean it's not right, we're just gonna make these solos up.'"

"He said 'no no no, you have to play them exactly like what's on your demo.' We were in Miami and the demo cassette was at my house in Malibu. I had to call my housekeeper and have her go get a cassette machine, find the demo cassette in the studio and play it to us in the studio over the phone."

"We recorded it onto another cassette machine in the studio. Then I had to go out, sit in the studio and re-learn what I'd already played a year before that."

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