Ozzy Osbourne Voices Sid Fishy On Children's TV Bubble Guppies

Ozzy Osbourne has lent his voice to a character on the Nick Jr. animated series Bubble Guppies. The Prince of Darkness will voice the character of Sid Fishy, who lives in the underwater town of Bubbletucky.

"The whole reason I did the show was for Pearl," Ozzy told Rolling Stone, referring to his granddaughter. "She has Nick Jr. on 24/7. I can't wait to see her reaction when she hears my voice come from Sid Fishy's mouth."

Ozzy's character, Sid, is described as a "rock and roll fish who loves being rotten." He wears a red Mohawk, eyebrow and fin piercing, gold tooth, while toting a slime spray gun to blast at unsuspecting guppies.

"The green liquid is Sid Fishy's 'stink sauce' made up of different smells such as stinky socks and rotten eggs," Oz added. "He wants to use the stink sauce to cover Big Bubble City and all its citizens to make them stinky."

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