Queen To Release Rare Recording Of Live At The Rainbow '74'

Queen will release Queen: Live at the Rainbow 74 to CD, DVD and Blu-ray on September 8. The set includes three concerts played at London's 3,000 seat Rainbow Theater - the first on March 31, 1974, and the second and third on November 19-20, 1974.

The March 31 show was scheduled to be released after the show, but instead the band decided to release its breakthrough studio album Sheer Heart Attack. Live at the Rainbow 74 has been in the archives ever since.

Live at the Rainbow 74 full track list:

Queen II Tour - Live at the Rainbow, March '74

01. "Procession"

02. "Father To Son"

03. "Ogre Battle"

04. "Son And Daughter"

05. "Guitar Solo"

06. "Son And Daughter" (Reprise)

07. "White Queen"

08. "Great King Rat"

09. "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke"

10. "Keep Yourself Alive"

11. Drum Solo

12. "Keep Yourself Alive" (Reprise)

13. "Seven Seas Of Rhye"

14. "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll"

15. "Jailhouse Rock"/"Stupid Cupid"/"Be Bop A Lula"

16. "Liar"

17. "See What A Fool I've Been"

CD 2

Sheer Heart Attack Tour - Live at the Rainbow, November '74

01. "Procession"

02. "Now I'm Here"

03. "Ogre Battle"

04. "Father To Son"

05. "White Queen"

06. "Flick Of The Wrist"

07. "In The Lap Of The Gods"

08. "Killer Queen"

09. "The March Of The Black Queen"

10. "Bring Back That Leroy Brown"

11. "Son And Daughter"

12. "Guitar Solo"

13. "Son And Daughter" (Reprise)

14. "Keep Yourself Alive"

15. Drum Solo

16. "Keep Yourself Alive" (Reprise)

17. "Seven Seas Of Rhye"

18. "Stone Cold Crazy"

19. "Liar"

20. "In The Lap Of The Gods" Revisited

21. "Big Spender"

22. "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll"

23. "Jailhouse Rock"

24. "God Save The Queen"

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