David Bowie Blamed For Astronaut's 'Space Oddity' Video Takedown

The Ottawa Citizen published an apology to David Bowie after one of its op-ed writers accused him of excessive copyright enforcement. Blayne Haggart wrote the opinion piece after astronaut Chris Hadfield had his Bowie cover "Space Oddity" removed from YouTube.

Hadfield recorded the video aboard the International Space Station in 2013, which became a viral hit after it was uploaded to the web.

Haggart's opinion piece erroneously claimed that Bowie "refused to renew a one-year licence previously granted to Commander Hadfield," causing the vid's removal.

The Citizen later reported that Bowie does not own or control the rights to "Space Oddity," although he later contacted the publisher of the song to express his desire for Hadfield's version to become available again.

It looks like the latter might happen as Hadfield tweeted on Wednesday that "our Oddity will be back online soon."

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