Axl Rose Criticizes Utah Police After Officer Kills Man's Dog

Count Axl Rose among the throngs of people up in arms after a Salt Lake City police officer shot and killed a man's dog in his backyard when he was not home.

The New York Daily News reports that officers were looking for a missing nonverbal three-year-old boy when one of them entered the back yard of 27-year-old resident Sean Kendall on June 18. His 110-pound dog, a two-year-old Weimaraner named Geist was in the backyard at the time and according to a statement from the police department, the officer on the scene alleges that Geist approached him "in an aggressive manner," at which point "the officer, in turn, shot the dog."

"Jesus Geist! Utah cops can enter ur fenced in yard w/0 evidence of anything against u n shoot ur "aggressive" dog rather than exit the area?" Rose tweeted.

Kendall is calling for the termination of the officer but the department is not budging. The missing child was found asleep in his home less than an hour after Geist was killed.

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