Gene Simmons Gives Explanation For Onstage 'Peeing' Video

Gene Simmons is using Twitter to respond to a new video that appears to show the KISS bassist urinate onstage during a show.

The incident took place during the band's Wednesday night show in Denver, Colorado. The video shows what appears to be a stream of liquid pouring out of the bottom of Simmons' codpiece during the song "Hide Your Heart."

That's when Simmons took to Twitter to defend himself.

"Poured water down front of outfit to get rid blood - was sticking to me. Of course it looks like P. Great story - love it," Simmons responded to a tweet asking about the video.

In another one of his responses, Simmons says that he finds the entire ordeal 'hilarious' and that he will have to 'try this in a show' in the future.

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