Judas Priest Release Suicide Trial Documentary On DVD

The 1992 Judas Priest documentary, Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest, is now avail on DVD. The doc follows the lawsuit against the band by the families of two boys who entered into a suicide pact, claiming that they were motivated to do so by subliminal messages in the JP's music.

Of the boys - James Vance and Ray Belknap - Vance survived to reveal the reason for the pact. The case was eventually dismissed.

"Just before Christmas, 1985, 19-year-old James Vance watched his best friend Ray Belknap shoot himself to death with a .12 gauge shotgun in a churchyard outside Reno, Nevada. Then Vance pulled the trigger on himself," reads the plot synopsis.

"He survived but was severely disfigured. Vance later claimed his actions had been influenced by the heavy metal music of Judas Priest, prompting his family to sue the band. The drama of the ensuing trial provides the framework for David Van Taylor's disturbing look at teenagers today."

The delay in the release was owed to difficulties with clearing the rights for the music used in the film, according to its director.

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