Paul McCartney Releases Score For Destiny Video Game

It appears that Paul McCartney's long-awaited score for the sci-fi shooting game Destiny is nearing a release. The New York Times reports that it will come out as a single "soon after the game is released."

McCartney recorded the song with a 120-piece orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, with long-time Beatles producer George Martin's son Giles.

Mike Salvatori, who collaborated on Halo with Marty O'Donnell, was part of the creative process for the new track.

The New York Times also reports that work on the new score began as early as 2010.

"What I love about it is that my music will get heard by a whole other bunch of people," McCartney told a Montana radio station earlier this week. "A whole other generation, a whole other type - gamers, really, rather than record buyers. That's exciting to me."

Destiny will hit stores on Sept. 9.

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