Ace Frehley Planning Covers Album

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley is scheduled to release his latest solo album, Space Invader, on Aug. 19, and he says he's already planning a covers album to follow it.

"I get suggestions, I come up with ideas, and I ask friends and associates about which songs to do," Ace told Arena.

"The songs are already written, so it is faster and easier for me to make that record. I will get guest stars like Lita Ford, Mike McCready from Pearl Jam, Slash. It is an easier record to make since I don't have much to do. The big stress is coming up with new guitar solos and vocals lines and melodies on new songs."

Space Invader, Ace's sixth solo LP, is the follow up to 2009's Anomaly.

He promises that, in line with feedback he's gotten from fans, Space Invader is much "heavier" than its predecessor.

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