Charlie Daniels And Darius Rucker To Be Featured On SEC Storied

Charlie Daniels and Darius Rucker will both feature on the SEC Network program SEC Storied. The series offshoot, The Stars Are Aligned, tells the history of the college conference with the help of stars from each state. Daniels represents Tennessee, while Rucker reps South Carolina.

On the program, both will explain where they came from and what it means to them.

Other celebrities featured include Jason Dufner (Auburn), James Carville (LSU), Ashley Judd (Kentucky), Shepard Smith (Ole Miss), Amy Robach (Georgia), Willie Geist (Vanderbilt), Melissa Joan Hart (Alabama), Rick Perry (Texas A&M), Ralphie May (Arkansas), Emmitt Smith (Florida), Carl Edwards (Missouri) and Jonathan Papelbon (Mississippi State).

The Stars Are Aligned airs Thursday, August 14 at 9 p.m. ET on the SEC Network.

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