U2 Rumors Predict Fall Release For New Album

Rumor has it that U2 is scheduled to release its latest album in the fall. According to the Irish Times, which quoted an anonymous source, the band will release a "single in September, album September-October, tour announced December, first date April next year."

"The album has been actually been finished for a few months, but a decision was taken not to release during the summer months because of holidays etc," the insider adds.

"There was one last, frantic scramble earlier this year to get a big single, so they got Adele's writer-producer, Paul Epworth, into the studio."

Earlier this year, U2 manager Paul McGuiness talked about the band's progress:

"It's great. It's very different from what they have done so far, but still sounds like U2. Bono sings better than ever. As he gets older, his voice is even more interesting."

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