Jackson Browne Releases New Song 'The Birds Of St. Marks'

Jackson Browne has released "The Birds of St. Marks," a cut from his upcoming album, Standing in the Breach. The cut, originally demoed in 1970, is said to have been inspired by Browne's relationship to Nico, who had previously recorded Browne's song "These Days" with the Velvet Underground.

The updated version of the cut features Browne (acoustic guitar), Val McCallum (electric guitar), Don Heffington (drums), Bob Glaub (bass) and Greg Leisz (12-string guitar). McCallum and Kipp Lennon add vocal harmonies.

"The interplay between Val McCallum and Greg Leisz on this album - the effortlessness of their chemistry is a gift really," said Browne of the collab.

Standing in the Breach is available now for pre-order on both Amazon and iTunes. The LP hits Oct. 7. The support tour kicks off September 14 in Washinton, D.C.

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