Roger Waters Bringing New Wall Movie To Theaters

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is prepping the theatrical release of his version of the band's The Wall. Co-directed by Waters, the film makes its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6.

"This immersive experience of Waters's The Wall Live tour, shot in three cities across two continents, is a rib-rattling, sonically stupendous piece of filmmaking," says a presser for the film.

"With its 500-foot set, which is gradually built throughout the show into the famed wall, the ambitious and immensely successful concert production features one of the most iconic pieces of extended imagination that rock 'n' roll ever produced, and will remind many of the sheer ambition and scope of music in the 1970s, the era in which it was first created."

The film features footage from the tour, which stopped in the UK, Europe, the US, South America, and Australia during its four year run.

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