Ace Frehley And Nikki Sixx Blast Gene Simmons' Depression Comment

Ace Frehley and Nikki Sixx have both spoken out against Gene Simmons' recent comment on depression. Simmons made statements on the topic of alcoholism, poverty and depression, including that he'd like to say "f*ck you, then kill yourself" to those unable to recover from depression.

Frehley unleashed on his former bandmate:

"First he attacks immigrants, and then he belittles poor people by saying 'be nice to the rich people because we're the ones that give you jobs'."

"Then he attacks people with depression, alcoholics, drug addicts, you know?. Depression is a very serious disease. I've suffered from it in my lifetime, I know my daughter suffers from it . . . and Gene just seems to be ignorant of the whole fact. I think it's time for Gene to go back to school and get educated in the health field."

Sixx echoed the same comments.

Frehley continued: "The only thing left for him to do is attack the whole gay movement. And I've heard him do that in private, so that's probably still yet to come."

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