Genesis To Reissue Three Sides Live Concert Film

Genesis will re-release Three Sides Live, a concert film companion to their 1982 LP on November 3.

In addition to the live footage, the DVD/Blu-ray features bonus audio cuts not included on the previous VHS version, along with interviews and behind-the-scenes shots from the band's Abacab tour.

The concert was originally shot in 16mm but has been fully restored for the DVD/Blu-ray.

Three Sides Live track list:

"Behind The Lines"





"No Reply At All"

"Who Dunnit?"

"In The Cage" / "Cinema Show/Colony Of Slippermen"


"Me & Sarah Jane"

"Man On The Corner"

"Turn It On Again"

"Behind The Lines" (Bonus Audio Only Track)

"Duchess" (Bonus Audio Only Track)

"Me & Sarah Jane" (Bonus Audio Only Track)

"Man On The Corner" (Bonus Audio Only Track)

"One For The Vine" (Bonus Audio Only Track)

"Fountain Of Salmacis" (Bonus Audio Only Track)

"Follow You Follow Me" (Bonus Audio Only Track)

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