David Byrne Warns Scottish Referendum Voters Of Danger Of Independence

David Byrne, who was born in Dumbarton, Scotland, has added his voice to those warning the Scottish against breaking away from the U.K. The country will hold an independence referendum on September 18.

Byrne, speaking with the Evening Standard, says that the Scots may be biting off more than they can chew.

"As an outsider, my sense would be that by raising the issue again, Scotland can get a bit more autonomy and self-control, but complete independence might be a bit much to handle," he began.

"I have lived in the States pretty much my whole life, but from my parents and everything, there's still an affinity to maybe a Scottish sense of humour, and some of the attitudes that go with that."

Byrne's new musical, Here Lies Love, opens at the National Theatre on September 30.

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