Johnny Cash Exhibit Opens At Museum In Arizona

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona has unveiled exhibits honoring Johnny Cash and the Carter Family.

The new exhibit features items on loan from John Carter Cash, son of Johnny and June Carter Cash, and Dale Jett, grandson of A.P. Carter. They include several items that have never been available for public viewing before, including Cash's black Manuel Cuevas stage suit, adorned with embroidered acorns and oak leaves, which he wore in many of his concerts.

"When I first visited MIM, I was excited by its inimitable beauty and scale," John Carter Cash says. "It has been a wondrous blessing to work with the staff there and help bring about the Carter Family/Johnny Cash display. I feel it is inspired and shows a unique view into the history of country music that cannot be seen anywhere else."

The exhibit also features several items from the Carters.

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